Local Missions

Local Missions

Large Canadian Churches Draw an Estimated 300,000 Worshippers Each Week: Findings from a National Study

By Warren Bird in collaboration with a Canadian research team --- Description: For Canadians who attended a Protestant church last weekend, an estimated one in eight attended a church that draws 1,000 or more in weekly attendance. These predominantly evangelical congregations are growing, reaching out, and focused on serving children and youth. Terms like megachurch,

University Settlement

University Settlement University Settlement is a multi-service agency that was founded in 1910 and has the distinction of being the first community-based social service centre in the City of Toronto. University Settlement has three other locations in addition to its main site at 23 Grange Road. Employment and Training is located at Spadina and Bloor

Youth Assisting Youth

Youth Assisting Youth — A Youth Mentorship Program Youth Assisting Youth is a non-profit charitable organization that provides a peer mentoring service to improve life prospects for at risk and newcomer children. YAY matches children aged 6-15 with trained and dedicated Youth Volunteers aged 16-29 who act as positive role models. Since 1976 YAY has

MissionFest Toronto

MissionFest Toronto Serving churches, educators, mission organizations, ministries, people of all ages from all denominations and non- denominations in the Body of Christ as they pursue missions by: Celebrating the world-wide impact of Christian mission and God’s love for all nations and all people. Challenging all Christians to learn about and pray for global, national