Not Forgotten International: Ministry to North African Refugees

Joshua Shum

Newcomers Network

— Welcome. We are blessed by a diversity of nationalities represented in our church, so there is a very good chance you will meet others here who share your cultural heritage. Our desire is to greet you with three things: ‘Compassion: We are here to offer kindness and compassionate support. We understand that leaving your


Global Faith Forum

— Abstract: The Global Faith Forum highlights multifaith programs that are already making a difference. We won’t just talk about the programs, you’ll hear first hand from the people who are involved, including the challenges they face and the opposition they must overcome. — Keywords: Multi-faith programs, cross-cultural, multicultural — Additional Links:


Studying Congregations

— Abstract: Want to better understand your congregation or your community of faith? By examining a congregation’s ecology, culture, resources and process, we begin to understand its pattern and dynamics. — Reference(s): Janzen, Rich, Mark D. Chapman, and James W. Watson. 2012. Integrating Immigrants into the Life of Canadian Urban Christian Congregations: Findings from a


Canadian Christian Churches as Partners in Immigrant Settlement and Integration

By Rich Janzen, Alethea Stobbe, Mark Chapman, and James Watson — Abstract: This article discusses the role of Canadian Christian churches in immigrant settlement and integration and discusses implications for the settlement sector. A total of 34 denominations responded to an online survey. Findings show that many churches are intentionally involved in immigrant ministry, motivated by